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We're Cam and Larisa, a husband + wife team in Phoenix, Arizona. We started our journey in photography recently because we work so well together! We believe that your love should be captured naturally rather than stiff and awkwardly posed. Your love is fierce, genuine, unrelenting... Our goal is to photograph that love in way that you can feel it just by looking at the photos. We want to recreate those feelings for you. We want your future grandchildren and even great-grandchildren to look at your photos and say "wow, they looked so happy!" and "they were so in love!" That is what we want for you, those lasting memories. You can count on us for. 

Behinds the scenes photo of Larisa doing her thing!

I only need coffee on days that end with "y"

xo, Cam + Larisa

Meet Larisa

- My hubby and I started collecting lapel pins when we first started dating. We have a pin board almost full of places we’ve visited, events we’ve attended, and pins we just couldn’t live without (alllll the Disneyland + Dbacks pins)!
- I may be obsessed with all things gold and rose gold… we’ll talk about that later!
- Iced midnight lime Rebels from Dutch Bros are my guilty pleasure.
- My phone camera roll mostly consists of photos of my kids. They grow TOO fast!
- Road trips to places I’ve never been are my absolute favorite! There’s just something about seeing something new for the first time… I love it!
- My passion for photography started almost 10 years ago when I purchased my first camera. I was mainly self-taught until I took a couple classes to strengthen my skills. I was 17 when I first dreamed of becoming a photographer. As cliche and storybook as it may sound, I followed my teenage dream! I love being able to capture moments that make you feel something, feel love. If I can do that, then I’m doing something right.

Meet Cam

Hey! I’m Cameron (or Cam for short) and I am Larisa’s husband, partner, and servant (butler). I have been practicing photography for 7 years and love every shot I take, because the people in them are my passion! I love many things in life, but mostly my two handsome and occasionally psychotic boys Adam and Oliver. They drive me to become a better father every day and I am blessed for them and all they bring to my life. I love being outdoors and taking in deep breaths of fresh air and enjoying the serene complexity of God’s creations. I am a huge sports fan! Baseball is my all-time favorite (go Dbacks) with football being close second (go Cameron’s fantasy football team). My hobbies include collecting baseball cards and pins from all the places I’ve traveled, seriously pins are like small metal postcards that immortalize the things you’ve seen and places you’ve been beautifully. I’m a huge movie buff, try me in movie trivia... I dare you.

Our Boys

Photos by Ashley Stone